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Want to get the attention of the highly-prized Millennial market?  Be genuine. Be interactive. Be human.

Media is no longer a megaphone. Millennials are skeptical of mass media but do trust what they see on social media.  Spending an average of five hours a day on user-generated content, Millennials have demanded that marketing be more like an exchange between people, instead of company vs. consumer.

Develop a Consistent Personality

Before Millennials will care about your product, they have to relate to your image and what it says about them. Forty percent of Millennials are willing to pay extra for a brand or product that reflects the image they wish to convey about themselves.  Once a brand decides on its image, its marketing must remain consistent.  Whether it’s the website, the advertising, the public relations or the social media, everything should be built around a consistent brand “personality” which includes having the same appearance and tone.

Be Genuine, Be Human

The Millennial generation is trained to be wary of marketers; finding more credibility in the genuine experiences. Your presence on social media should feel like a conversations with another person; not a marketing team. Authenticity is crucial to gain Millennials’ attention.

Native content is gold to Millennials. We like to enjoy the company of a brand, not feel targeted by it. Realism in the marketing will make your brand authentic. For example, your company’s twitter should respond to a viral post in a funny or amusing manner. This will reiterate to users that you are also human, and you like to be funny too. Express real feelings in a genuine manner to gain the respect of us Millennials.

Create an Experience

How can marketers become a friend to Millennials? Personal connection with this demographic is fundamental. Connect with us through with how-to’s, life-hacks, and any content experience that makes us feel like we are gaining knowledge or involvement of some sort.

Branding through experience is the best way to market to Millennials. Seventy-eight percent of Millennials would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event instead of a product. Each post on social media should brand your image through an experience that Millennials can relate to. For example, if the industry is fashion, your brand should display how it’s trendy, or hipster, or professional.

Involve your Audience

A brand’s social media should encourage followers to take an active part; engaging followers in what you do.  We don’t respond to monologues. We react to engaging material that is relevant to the product. Once it feels like a conversation, your brand becomes memorable to us. For example, last summer L’Oreal launched a one-day Snapchat filter in celebration of its Infallible Silkissime Eyeliner. The lens gave users a look at themselves with cat-eyes, foundation, blush, highlighter, and a little lip color.

Guard against making any social media posts too promotional. In a recent study, Adobe data shows that seventy percent of Millennials watch videos when online shopping and eighty-five percent find demo videos useful, but two-thirds of Millennials polled will stop watching if the video is too promotional.

The idea is to generate engaging and informative content that gives your audience a reason to follow your account and an incentive to interact with your brand. Think of things like twitter polls, “like vs. retweet” competitions, or product giveaways to engage active followers.

Each time Millennials engage with your social media accounts, they are reminded of your product. Genuine interaction between brand and consumer is the key component to a Millennial’s brand loyalty.


Katie Kresic is a member of the Millennial Principle team

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