After 12+ months of virtual meetings, we are all too familiar with the many faces we make while trying to connect on Zoom.  These faces are part effort, part confusion and part exasperation. We’ve all seen them on Zoom newbies and Zoom veterans.  

In honor of these noble efforts to connect virtually, we’ve decided to showcase some of our personal favorites: 

The expression you make when you’re looking for the un-mute button.  Often seen after the host says, “You’re still on mute, Fred!”  This face may be followed by Mute-O-Face 2.0, the expression you have when someone tells you you’re talking while
still on mute.

The vacant look you get while reading a large document to a virtual audience. I know I’m guilty of this one.

The embarrassed look you get when a dog jumps into your lap, licks the screen or barks throughout the meeting.  

The look parents get when their mini-mes makes their presence known during a Zoom call. 

The face of a Zoom host trying to figure out how to share their screen. Often followed by “Can you see my screen NOW?”  If you’ve been on a Zoom call with me, you’ve seen me make this one. #Guilty

This happens when you speak to your onscreen image instead of the camera.  This one’s universal.

While technically not a face, we believe this deserves honorable mention.  It’s the oversized finger coming at you when an iPad user heads towards the camera-adjacent mute bottom. 

And to all our fellow Zoom warriors, we say, carry on and keep emoting.  The faces we make may be humorous, but they beat not seeing each other at all!