Public relations solidify and reinforce your reputation over time with every communication.  We think of the path to maintaining a healthy relationship between your organization and its publics – your customers, prospects, stakeholders and employees.  We look at it as a way to ensure the correct flow of information between your organization and those who matter to it.

PR is often called “earned media” because it fosters trust between your organization and traditional and on-line journalists.  Today, PR also includes “owned media”.  That is those communications channels where an organization controls the content.  These include:

  • Websites
  • Facebook pages
  • Twitter feeds
  • Pinterest boards
  • Linked in profiles
  • Developing social media channels.

When PR is done right it allows an organization to tell its story its way.  It builds trust in the organization’s reputation. It enhances that reputation through a variety of channels and it builds the goodwill to sustain an organization when it’s in crisis.  And for those organizations experiencing a crisis, PR tools allow us to get them fair and accurate treatment in the eyes of the public.

PR is a reputation builder, enhancer and protector for today’s business environment throughout their lifecycle.

  • “I like working with Andrea because she takes a very common sense approach when dealing with very difficult subjects. She does it in a way that makes the client feel at ease.”

    Sharon L. Castelli Chief Executive Officer / Chrysalis Center, Inc.
  • "On a couple of occasions we were able to utilize her crisis management expertise and she is simply the best. She walks through all the different angles and makes you feel at ease. She has an incredible amount of knowledge when it comes to dealing with crisis situations and you know she will help you to steer your company to best approach. She is “the expert” in her industry when it comes to crisis communication."

    Stacey DiPiazza Owner, Infoshred