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What percent Millennial stereotype are you?

There is no such thing as a pure Millennial. So, marketers don’t fall for the hype that we are all alike or that you can talk to all of us based on a few stereotypes. Even people outside of the Millennial age group may fall under several stereotypes out there about Millennials. Modern trends have an effect on individuals of all ages, as they have on past generations.

We did our own test of this in our office. We have people here with birth years ranging from 1951 to 1999 who all took a short quiz by Buzzfeed that is supposed to give you your “percent Millennial.” Guess what? No one was 100% Millennial, even those of us born between 1982 and 2000.

Here were our results:

14 percent Millennial born in 1951
69 percent Millennial born in 1987
50 percent Millennial born in 1993
50 percent Millennial born in 1999

Hey, even a Boomer took the quiz and turns out to be 14 percent Millennial!

Clearly the stereotypes do not apply to EVERY individual in the Millennial generation or outside of it, for that matter.

For marketers the point is this: It’s ok to play off of trends and stereotypes but don’t assume that you are reaching the entirety of your Millennial public with one message or one type of communications. Know your audience well. Don’t assume you understand all there is to know about them. Test, retest and adjust your messages and your methods. It will pay off on the bottom line.


Danielle Murray heads the Millennial Principle team.


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