Connecticut’s New Data Breach Law Matches Up With Consumer Concerns

Connecticut has picked the right time to pass “An Act Concerning Data Privacy Breaches.”  It passed the state senate late last week and is awaiting the governor’s signature. The bill says that businesses must notify individuals whose personal information has been breached within 60 days and report potential exposure of more categories of personal information.  […]

Marketing to Seniors

Now is The Time to Market Your Senior Community to Baby Boomers  Older adults are gradually feeling more confident about safely moving back out into the community.  Most of those over age 65 have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine (79% as of April 13) and more than half (63%) were fully vaccinated as of April 13. That’s opened the door for senior communities to begin opening their own [...]

How to Communicate in the Time of COVID

The pandemic has made us hungry for news – good news.  For almost a year, we’ve been obsessed with positivity rates, hospitalization rates and death rates.  This constant barrage of statistics has gotten so overwhelming that most of us have tuned them out in favor of a mantra that says “It’s too big.  It’s too overwhelming. I can’t take anymore.”  They tune out. 

Zoom with Confidence

The video conference business meeting is here to stay. Whether or not we ever return to our offices or in-person meetings, I suspect the role of the humble business phone call will decrease. Seeing someone’s face, even for the most mundane meetings, seems like a better way to connect.