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Flummoxed by what to give the Gen Zer in your life?  Stressed out by wanting to pick the perfect gift for a generation fueled by social media influencers and hashtags?  You’re not alone. For Gen Z, a generation whose preferences and habits are still emerging, it can be difficult to give something memorable that they really want.

The Generational Guru is here to help, with suggestions and tips in this holiday gift guide!

 Gen Z ‘does it for the gram’

As many of us know, social media is a hallmark in Gen Z culture, and Gen Zers use it to document their entire lives. Social media is a way for Gen Z to find their voice, connect with friends, and show off their lifestyle. So it may surprise you that the Generational Guru is going Old School here and suggesting the Felt Letter Board. This oak-framed board allows a place for Gen Zers to showcase some of their favorite quotes and phrases, and utilize their creativity and artistic abilities.  They can use it as a decoration in their rooms (where half their selfies are taken anyway), and share their daily inspo on their Instagram stories with all of their followers.

Gen Z appreciates-brick and-mortar stores more than Millennials

According to CNBC, 81percent of Gen Z prefers to make purchases in physical stores rather than online because it allows them to disconnect and explore new products. According to Marketing Technology Insights, although Gen Z is the social media generation, 30 percent of young consumers think social media makes their lives more complicated. This is why they are turning to brick-and-mortar stores as a way to disconnect. This leads to popularity of traditional and e-gift cards, according to Retail Dive. Apple is always coming out with new products, and Apple stores are designed to draw people in to play with their products, try out new features, and take part in workshops. An Apple Gift Card is a great option to give this holiday season, because your Gen Zer can put it towards a new iPhone, Air Pods, iPad, or other accessories. It will allow them to go into the store and discover new products, as well as socialize and interact with other people who have similar interest. It’s the perfect mix of disconnecting while still being comfortably surrounded by technology. For those looking to do something more active, a Classpass gift card can offer Gen Z the chance to explore some fitness classes, socialize, and get away from their phones.

Gen Z is more concerned with health and wellness products

It is no secret that Gen Z is focused on health and wellness, primarily mental health. According to CNBC, 46 percent of Gen Zers said they were concerned about their health and well-being, as compared to 38 percent of Millennials.  This opens the door for products that cater to those interests.  Products to help them disconnect or lower their stress and anxiety will be very appealing to these young consumers. They are susceptible to changes in trends, so wellness products for skin care, weight loss supplements, and even CBD products may be good gift ideas and stocking stuffers. A Hyrdroflask is a great option for all of your Gen Z loved ones. It’s trendy and easily customizable with stickers and your own decorations. They come in a variety of colors and styles, making them unique and specific to each user, making them want to post it on their social media feeds for the world to see.  These environmentally-conscious consumers will also love that they are reusable and contribute to a healthy lifestyle by promoting drinking water.  Another great option for the Gen Zer who is looking to stay calm is an adult coloring book, full of relaxing shapes and designs to quiet the mind when it’s time to step away and check out. Adult coloring has been proven to relieve stress and promote self-soothing, something that many Gen Zers are going to need as they enter college and the workforce in the coming months.

Gen Z wants to keep it simple

Gen Z has always had technology at their fingertips, and lived in a world where most data, information, products, and even people are extremely accessible. Given Gen Z’s short attention spans, they are attracted to products that don’t require a lot of set-up.  They don’t have the patience for these and these presents end up going into the abyss of the back of the closet, never to be seen again. An Amazon Alexa is a great choice for Gen Zers who are looking for products that make their lives easier, but is also simple to set up. With Alexa, the options are endless as she can help with stuff around the house, set reminders, play music, and more. Your Gen Zer will also love the simplicity of connecting Alexa with the mobile app, making things more accessible. Beats Headphones are also a great gift with easy set-up and incredible sound, sure to become a staple for Gen Zers when going to the gym, running errands, or just binge watching their favorite shows. The headphones make it effortless to connect to your phone, allowing your Gen Zer to be hands free in a matter of seconds.

The holidays are a stressful time for anyone as they go down the list and trying to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Gen Z may be a unique generation, but if you understand their motivators and preferences, you can find the perfect gift for this holiday season!

Rebecca Durante is a member of the #GenerationalGuru team

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