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Millennials spend over $600 billion dollars each year in the United States. To get your share of that spend, you’ll want to pay attention to online trends and statistics and use them as a gateway to the millennial consumer. You can start by looking at the mindset behind these actions to better capture the millennial scene.

Customization and Easy Access

As consumers, millennials enjoy customization and easy processes/services. As a generation that is easily able to multitask and always has a sense of urgency, they like to get the job done with as little technical hiccups as possible.

Research shows that most millennials are unaffected by ads and commercials and tend to be brand loyal. They especially love when brands engage with them (there’s that keyword again) and show appreciation for their loyalty. A great example to learn from is American Eagle Outfitters. Through their social media platforms, they highlight consumers who express themselves using AE products. This boosts user satisfaction and encourages consumers to get more involved with the brand.

When millennials do go out of their comfort zones and try something new, they often rely on online reviews for help with their decisions, so make sure that your company has a place for them.

Tips to Capture the Millennial Mindset

  • Ensure that your website and social media are user friendly
  • Be open, trustworthy, and fun
  • Show your customers how you appreciate them
  • Find ways to get your customers involved
  • Encourage them to give you an online review, and reward them when they do

Follow these steps and you may just attract the attention of some of the 62 million millennials making their mark today.


Sophia Alfieri is a member of the #MillennialPrinciple team

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