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The indefinable Millennial travelers…the hottest group that hotels want to attract yet only some are lucky enough to bring them in.

With the summer months winding down and school almost back in session, I thought I’d give businesses an inside scoop to what attracts us Millennials to vacation destinations.

Anything Apple, is your friend

Millennials and technology share what just might be the strongest bond between humans and inanimate objects ever. “According to Destination Analysts, 72 percent of Millennials make their travel plans via smartphone.” And over 70 percent of them or more are never more than 25 feet from their phone at any time! We have reached the point where having the latest technology is no longer a suggestion, but a must for hotel owners who want to attract us. And they’d better stay on top of the trending platforms to create a unique social profile to encourage us to explore and book their accommodations.

How about creating an app that welcomes your new Millennial guests? And make sure that app and/or website gives users the ability to browse your available rooms and book them. Developing a way to give guests the chance to digitally check-in and check-out also makes the process faster, and satisfies our impatient Millennial selves. One other tip on your website: make sure it tells us we’ll get free Wi-Fi if when we stay with you.

Joining the trend of sending text alerts is also a good idea for hotel owners. Since we’re glued to our electronic devices, we’ll get the text alert via iPhone, iPad, iWatch…you get the point. At the conclusion of your guests’ stays, send them a text message to thank them for staying and asking for a review. This will boost your social profile while fostering a personal connection with them.

We don’t just want a cheap night’s sleep

Although the most common phrase used by Millennials is, “We are “ballin on a budget,” we want more than just cheap stuff. Sure, we want something inexpensive, but the personality and “vibe” of our destination is what we’re focused on. “Marriott plans to add 150 properties to its new lifestyle brand, Moxy Hotels, which does away with the corporate feel of many hotels and gives each property a modern and unique design. Guests can relax in chic common areas, enjoy state-of-the art computers, listen to music, and mingle in cafeteria-style eateries that are loaded with snacks” according to Olivia Briggs from Smarter Travel.

“To help connect young travelers with local culture, and with each another, Marriott’s Residence Inns are now hosting weekly theme nights, called The Mix. Some events include dessert samplings, live music in the lobbies, local food trucks, and fire pit nights. Nothing screams “Millennials” like food trucks and fire pits, am I right?

Become trendy

We Millennials pride ourselves in being recognized as “trendy.” We hunt for the latest fashion trends and appreciate style, taste and innovation. Even our social media profiles can look trendy, because of our editing skills and Instagram’s ability to make any person look like a professional photographer. Know what that means? You need to become trendy. Everything from your business’ social media, lobby, staterooms… heck even the bathrooms! With the right lighting, Millennial’s will have the power to turn any setting into the perfect selfie op.

Along with the importance of smartphones, trends and bathroom selfies, your business should provide Millennials with an experience. We care about authenticity and adventure. Give us a cool, affordable place to stay that we want to blast all over our social media and we’re all over it.

Take it from me. This stuff works. I’ve got my bags packed. Are your bellhops ready me?


Teresa McCann is a member of the Millennial Principle team



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