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Forget millennials, Gen X-ers are where it’s at for marketers! They really have control of the money and the power, but are often overlooked by marketers in this day and age.

The X in Generation X is extremely appropriate – the group is an absolute mystery. Many refer to them as the “forgotten middle child,” being that they’re between the often-targeted Baby Boomers and attention-seeking millennials. They’re the smallest of the generations, comprising 25% of the United States population, meaning there are approximately 66 million of them.

So, who are they really? Gen X is made up of people born between 1965 and 1980. That makes them between 36-51 years old today. As far as personality goes, they are kind of like their Baby Boomer parents, but also have their own characteristics and identity.

Not only are Gen X-ers ignored by the general public, but they also get passed over frequently by marketers. Fifty-four percent of them say they even feel it, too. While the 80 million millennials are indeed an important group to focus on when pushing your product and/or brand, many don’t realize just how much purchasing power Gen X-ers have.

Gen X actually beats out millennials when it comes to spending – they spend one-third more annually. They can spend like this because they continuously make more money every year, and are shaping up to be the wealthiest generation.

Additionally, let’s not forget how Gen X is the group taking charge of businesses and politics right now. Jay Z makes millions off of the music he writes and produces, as well as from owning part of Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Tyra Banks has been on the cover of countless magazines and hosts a top modeling show. Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell are taking the political landscape by storm with evolutionary goals of pragmatism and capitalism.

Although many younger people tend to scoff at the idea, Gen X is active on social media platforms and the Internet. They use both to research businesses, and they tend to do so through mobile phones and desktops. Eighty-one percent also use social and the Internet to shop online; they are the most brand loyal generation across the board.

While updated with the times, Gen X is still keen on some tradition. They are constantly on their emails, they find social impact important, and they care about their families and security. Forty-eight percent still listen to the radio and eighty-five percent watch regular television.

So there you have it – now you know a little more about Gen X. As a marketer, what can you do to reach this excluded audience? Check out these tips:

  • Use an authentic voice and be straightforward
  • Market through emails, radio or traditional television
  • Acknowledge them on social media platforms
  • Have an organized and easy-to-navigate website
  • Cater to their values and beliefs
  • Make them feel noticed and connected to your brand!

Marketing to this generation could bring a great deal of success to your company. As a group with a great deal of money to spend and influence to exercise, they are your ticket to good business.


Sophia Alfieri is a member of the #MillennialPrinciple team

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