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1.) Don’t Be A Social Media Ghost, Vampire or Zombie


  • Now you’ve seen them, now you don’t. Social media ghost are oh-so-scary. Social media ghost are individuals or businesses that have social media accounts but rarely use them. It’s called the “ghost effect,” when an individual or organization starts an enthusiastic social media page, but eventually abandons it. Ghosts are indirectly seen, therefore, a social media ghost can also represent not replying to comments.
  • Social media isn’t something that can be ignored. It needs to be used and if possible, quite frequently. Inactivity is unfriendly and a social media sin.



  • What are vampires known for? Vampires in the real world are known for sinking their teeth into things and sucking the life out of them. In social media, vampires are known for sinking their teeth into other’s content and crediting themselves for the work. Another term for this is plagiarism. Vampirism can also occur in online images. Copy and pasting images from an online search engine and calling it your own photo is frowned upon.
  • No one likes a content stealing blood sucking fiend. Be sure to give credit where credit is due or be completely original.



  • Zombies are brainless and wonder aimlessly around the streets. Social media zombies don’t think about the content they’re sending out. Social media zombies just post things because it’s easy to do. It’s important that you keep your content lively.
  • Use your head, and think before you post.


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