In From the Firm



Today is the 31st anniversary of Andrea Obston Marketing Communications.  On Nov. 12, 1982, I walked out of an ad agency – laid off, discouraged and thoroughly beaten.

Thirty-one years later, this firm has served over 700 clients from every industry from legal to healthcare.  From financial services to nonprofits.  From day care to eldercare.  We’ve tackled crisis communications in just about every industry sector – serving large corporate clients, nonprofits and individuals in trouble.

Through it all, it’s been individuals who have helped us through.  I have had some of the greatest employees and interns the world has to offer.  Business owners have mentored me in good times and bad, reminding me that there’s no mistake I invented or can’t recover from.


A special thank you to Ron Obston (who’s put up with my shenanigans for over 40 years!), Carol Walters, Laura Soll, Debra Salowitz, BJ Flagg and the hundreds of mentors and cheerleaders who have helped us grow and prosper.

And to our clients, many of whom have been with us for many years, we thank you.

It’s been a hell of a ride and we know we couldn’t have taken it alone.  Here’s to 30 more.




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